Ethernet Lifecycle Manager

Tangible Business Value
savings in operations & implementation
improvement in inventory accuracy
reduction in services turn-up time


The rapid deployment of 4G is fueling an underlying transformation from TDM based bandwidth services to Carrier Ethernet services. While Carrier Ethernet offers a myriad of parameters fundamental to transport services differentiation, it brings new complexity that impacts most operational processes.

This is evidenced in lengthy turn-up time for Ethernet circuits, significant inventory inaccuracy, challenges in accurately isolating and resolving faults and the inability to manage SLAs between service providers and customers. High value VoLTE and video applications need detailed service assurance with real-time management of jitter and latency attributes. Together, these challenges highlight the need for a new-generation software solution that visualizes Carrier Ethernet services end-to-end, dynamically orchestrates services across multiple networks, and leverages analytics to transform static network data into actionable services intelligence.

CENX Ethernet Lifecycle Manager

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Ethernet Lifecycle Manager (ELM) is the industry’s only software and services solution focused on automating the build-out, management and orchestration of carrier Ethernet transport services for mobile backhaul, cloud data center Ethernet exchanges, and Ethernet access providers. It delivers an accurate, comprehensive and actionable view of all Ethernet services including on-net services, off-net services, provided by third party alternate access providers, and can be deployed in today’s IP networks and the new generation SDN.

Ethernet Lifecycle Manager represents a new generation of software solution in the telecom network space. It applies the power and programmability of big data analytics, automation and web 2.0 to transform the orchestration of Ethernet services. As a result, Ethernet Lifecycle Manager is faster to deploy, easier to adapt and optimized for Carrier Ethernet services.

With Ethernet Lifecycle Manager, service providers, access providers and cloud exchange providers can accelerate time to revenue, differentiate Ethernet services with variable connectivity options, and assure performance in today’s IP networks and new generation software defined networks.

Ethernet Lifecycle Manager
CENX Ethernet Lifecycle Manager – modular Service Orchestration software and services solution

CENX Ethernet Lifecycle Manager features optional modules designed to visualize Ethernet transport services end-to-end, improve inventory integrity, accelerate network implementation and provide dynamic services monitoring. With CENX, service providers can:

  • Improve the accuracy and management of service inventory
  • Ensure continuous data integrity
  • Automate order and provisioning functions
  • Provide dynamic service monitoring to rapidly isolate faults, reduce MTTR
  • Deliver extensive analytics for accurate utilization and capacity planning

CENX Ethernet Lifecycle Manager

  • Unique end-to-end focus on layer 2 Ethernet transport services – bridging operational intelligence with network topology
  • Comprehensive data visualization – audits, unifies and correlates multiple data inputs into accurate actionable intelligence through automation and real-time analytics
  • Leverages existing OSS and IT systems data sources – proven interoperability with leading OSS tools
  • Optimized for the future – big data analytics, massive horizontal and vertical scalability, virtualized hardware support
  • Extensible – new and developing Ethernet topologies including dark fiber, small cell, VDSL
  • Multi-network – today’s data networks, SDN and NFV