Mobile World Congress 2014

Meet with CENX at this premier event

February 24 – 27, 2014
Barcelona, Spain
CENX Hospitality Suite 2J12 – Hall 2

Mobile World Congress

Today, 1 million events per minute are generated by the myriad of network elements and operational tools in a tier-one 4G mobile backhaul network. Network operations and planning teams are challenged to interpret the data—and can they trust it? It often takes service providers 100+ days to turn up a carrier Ethernet circuit, due to inaccurate inventory and provisioning fall-out, which impacts the ability to add much needed capacity in the network and meet customer demands.

CENX provides solutions to these challenges.

We offer unique Service Orchestration software for Ethernet transport, proven to deliver tangible business results including 70%+ improvement in inventory accuracy, 80%+ reduction in services turn-up time, and an estimated 20%+ improvement in operations savings.

Will you be at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, February 24-27? If so, register today and meet with CENX to discuss how we can help you manage the transition to carrier Ethernet services, accelerate time to revenue, and assure inter-carrier performance across the entire Ethernet lifecycle.

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