Cloud Exchange Services Orchestration

Turn up services in minutes
Implement in < 6 months
Differentiate with performance-guaranteed connectivity

Cloud data center providers face many challenges in a rapidly growing and highly competitive market – creating differentiation through interconnection and connectivity, increasing revenue with value-added service options, and improving time to revenue. Data center service providers need to provide connectivity to the cloud data center, ensure quality connectivity within the cloud between tenants, and provide connectivity between data center providers, all while ensuring service level agreements are managed in real time to provide the optimal network experience for enterprises, managed service providers and systems integrator customers.

CENX Cortx Service Orchestrator for Cloud Data Centers

With CENX Cortx Service Orchestrator, cloud data center exchange providers can automate connectivity services (over L2 Ethernet or L3 IP) and provide a superior approach to traditional fiber cross-connect and IP peering architectures, with differentiated connectivity options including variable Quality of Service (QoS). They can eliminate time-consuming, manual processes by automating ordering processes between the data center exchange and its customers, and between exchange customers. By leveraging quality connectivity as a differentiator, cloud data center providers can augment virtual business exchange models with value-added connectivity services.

Cortx Service Orchestrator is uniquely focused on managing network service assets and orchestrating transport services. It features optional modules that support exchange build and monitoring functions, and inter-connection services between exchange customers.

Why Cortx Service Orchestrator?

  • Facilitate exchange partnerships between customers via a secure portal for automated buying and selling of direct exchange connectivity
  • Provide guaranteed end-to-end connectivity – with variable QoS options
  • Ease of automated order management and provisioning for rapid service turn-up
  • Real-time performance management for SLA assurance and customer satisfaction

What’s in it for Your Customers?

  • New revenue stream - sell connectivity services directly to other exchange customers via administrative portal
  • Attract other exchange customers - variable connectivity service options
  • It takes minutes - customer portal masks complexity of ordering and provisioning exchange services
  • Improved service uptime and SLA assurance - fully monitored connectivity services


  • Comprehensive service visualization solution provides single point of control for managing and monitoring all Ethernet exchange services, including circuit path topology, inventory, faults, automated ordering and provisioning, and SLA performance tracking. This can be extended as a customer portal to exchange customers (buyers and sellers) for automated ordering, service monitoring and other key workflow functions.
  • Automated ordering introduces automation to accelerate and facilitate ordering processes between exchange and customers, and between exchange buyers and sellers to create value-added services. This includes ordering and changing circuits, generating emails to facilitate ordering process, managing access permissions for security purposes, and automated notifications when additional bandwidth is needed to ensure quality of experience.
  • Automated provisioning accelerates customer service turn up with automated configuration of network equipment and circuits within the exchange, and improves accuracy of services provisioning and ensures first time successful turn up.
  • Rapid real-time troubleshooting and sectionalization reduces MTTR and maximizes service uptime. Network operations within the data center exchange gets immediate access to near real-time state and monitoring data and extensive analytics to isolate faults to root-cause domains.
  • Extensive SLA management and reporting are available to assure performance by tracking all connections in near real time, with comprehensive visualization to easily monitor SLA performance. This includes tracking all connections including operational state, circuit details for fault isolation and resolution. Per customer reporting is available to track performance and share with customers. The solution also leverages network analytics to view traffic statistics for EVCs, and physical ports to better manage capacity planning.
  • Continuous data audit service and software module ensures continuous data integrity and enables a single trusted source for Ethernet asset inventory across the cloud data center exchange. Automated reconciliation module re-populates inventory systems with clean data to maintain a single network-wide source of trusted data.